Accelerating uptake of your biosimilar

Impact helps build global biosimilar brands. Our programs accelerate biosimilar uptake and provide you with meaningful differentiation in an increasingly competitive market.

We understand the challenges facing new biosimilars and can advise you on how to maximize clinician engagement and long term adoption of your brand.

Our experience

Our global programs have supported the most successful biosimilar launch to date.

Our insights shape our programs to help you:

  • Simplify communication about the biosimilar story, the regulatory and approval processes, and the concept of extrapolation

  • Incorporate peer-to-peer collaboration, allowing individuals to act as advocates to endorse the benefits of adopting biosimilars

  • Work with early adoptors to share how they have successfully introduced biosimilars, in naïve and/or ‘switch’ patients

  • Enable effective conversations between the clinician and the patient – critical for adopting biosimilars

  • Differentiate beyond price to help build your biosimilar brand

Our approach

We analyze the challenges and opportunities facing your biosimilar brand in three critical areas:

  • Evidence – We critique your biosimilar’s totality of evidence and advise on how best to access potential extrapolation and ‘switch’ opportunities
  • Endorsement – We monitor and assess international and national biosimilar guidelines as well as thought-leader advocacy to maximize your program’s impact
  • Environment – We assess commercialization considerations, such as tendering and contracting, to recommend payer initiatives and value-added services to provide sustainability for your biosimilar

Based on this analysis, we create and develop bespoke programs to help build your biosimilar brand.

We also recommend creative approaches to maintain engagement and commitment from your local operating companies. We know how critical this is to support the launch phase and drive effective execution for your biosimilar brand.

Our view - the biosimilar tipping point

Although the first biosimilar was approved in 2006, it is only over the last few years that they have been attracting headlines.

This is largely due to two key factors:

  1. The rate of drug discovery and innovation, particularly biologics, is putting extraordinary pressure on healthcare budgets. By 2020, biologics will comprise seven of the top 10 global medicines by expenditure
  2. There has been an exponential increase in biosimilar approvals – of the 47 biosimilars currently in market, half were approved by the European Medicines Authority in 2016/7

These two factors bring biosimilars center stage and facilitate access to new innovative medicines as well as existing biologics.

However, the biosimilar market will become unsustainable if defined by price alone. Along with accelerating adoption, incorporating value-added services as part of building a biosimilar brand is a key priority for any company aiming to ‘win’ long-term.

To find out more about why we believe our approach plays a central role in biosimilar success, click the button below to read our Pharmaceutical Market Europe editorial 'The tipping point' (January 2018):

Our team

Our senior team has over 30 years’ pharmaceutical marketing and medical education experience.
The senior team is supported by experienced program and editorial teams who are involved in the day-to-day delivery of our brand building programs.

Contact us

If you are building a biosimilar brand and would like to benefit from our insights please email or call to find out how we can help.

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